Michael Mobius ArtGerman born Michael Mobius art is a more reality than fantasy. Originally he trained to be a civil engineer- but fortunately for pinup aficionados the world over he decided to take his love of drawing and take a chance as an independent artist. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, a prestigious art institution founded in 1764. He was influenced and mentored by Renato Casaro, whose "Painted Movies" series have a similar ability to captivate and fascinate, this time with famous actors as the artist's muse. I have a few giclees of Mobius' work, I believe my favorite is his 2001 painting entitled "Pearls". A lifelike brunette in a clinging negligee, with a pale complexion seems to be looking right in your eyes. Upon closer inspection, there is a shock of blue in her hair, which sets off the contrast in her eyes. She has a luminescent necklace of pearls, that is inexplicably broken and hangs down loosely across her thigh. Lake many of the sirens of Mobius' pinup art, the background is a mystery of smoke, and light.

One of Michael Mobius art pieces that is well known is the 2004 released "Obsession", which features playmate Devin Devasquez, wearing block stockings, with an intricate tattoo on her hip. Mobius makes expert use of the contrast between pale skin, shadow, and light, with only slight accents of color to draw the eye's attention. You can see Obsession on the cover of his book to the right. His creations are vibrant and always look like they're about to step out of the picture frame at you.

Another favorite, also a 2004 release, is The Mask. It features a swashbuckling brunette with windswept tresses. The detail on the hilt of sword draws the eye- as well as the soft backlight of the heroine. The black of the background contrasts sharply against the silver of the sword, and once again splashes of color draw the eye and add interest.

To see his artwork you can visit his website or take a look at his book: The Art of Michael Mobius He has a dark and haunting style, his images are almost always of pale and fair women, however he manages to capture passion and life with several different points of contrast. A master of the pinup genre, Michael Mobius art is not to be missed- or forgotten.

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