Just as the pin-up art of yesteryear adorned the war vehicles and fighter planes, pin-up art is still very much around and appearing on custom vehicles - be it motorcycle tanks, trucks, trailers, .. or even skateboards, or surfboards as Vinyl Pin-up Sticker Art.

In terms of customizing motorcycles, and other vehicles, applying vinyl stickers holds the advantage of requiring no special preparation (apart from the obvious cleaning), and they can easily be applied by hand within seconds. Once the vinyl graphics are on, you are more or less ready to go! No drying times or having your ride off the road for any length of time while an artist completes the artwork. And then of course there is the cost advantage - airbrush artists will cost a job by the day or the hour, and it can get very expensive. And let's be realistic, only a select few will be able to afford for their bike to host custom hand-painted art by one of the world's top pin-up artists, so vinyl graphics are the ideal solution for many.

Some popular modern pin-up artists include Kirsten Easthope, who has her own unique style of creating rockabilly and retro glamour pin-ups, or Ralph Burch who produces retro pin-up art with classic gambling themes (among other works). Gambling themes are indeed popular in retro pin-up art, Michael Landefeld is another artist who produces retro style playing card pin-ups, and poker theme pin-ups, among his other works.

Aces High Vinyl Pin-up Sticker ArtBut pin-up graphics aren't all about the retro. Modern glamour pin-up artists are thriving too, for example Keith Garvey and Armando Huerta. And don't forget Olivia De Berardinis, who's portfolio has much Bettie Page inspired art, as well as other glamor and fetish style pin-up art.

Of course authentic hand-painted pin-up art and graphics have their place and are wonderful for those who have the time, money and patience, and who care about their vehicles being authentically handpainted. But vinyl sticker art now makes customizing and personalizing your ride so much more accessible, and the fact that some of the best pin-up artists around provide their work as pinup stickers and decals is a bonus!

For those in Europe, be it UK, France, Italy, or anywhere else in the EU, you can buy vinyl vehicle graphics from Rock Artist Studios. They supply Europe with a wide range of pin-up stickers and vinyl decals. You will find vinyl sticker art by the talented pin-up artists mentioned in the article above, as well as many others. They are a UK based business and only sell within the EU, however the same and similar designs can be found worldwide wherever vinyl pin-up sticker art can be found.

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  1. erik von gutenberg wrote,

    pin up and burlesque is a strong fetish which we are experiencing since a long time at Marquis
    Betty Page and Dita von Teese we all know and we are seeing much more new young pin up and burlesque models coming like Mistress Sinclaire or Bernie Dexter…
    you can find them on our fetish blog http://www.marquisfetishblog.com
    Pin up stickers are very popular in the US as well!

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