Gina EliseThe pinup girl has always been good for the morale of the troops- pinups are more that just attractive pictures on the wall. Whether they were on the nose of the aircraft, or even a picture in a helmet, the pin-up always brought thoughts of home and hearth to cheer our weary soldiers. A modern day pinup girl is doing her part for veterans today. To honor her grandfather who fought in World War II, Gina Elise has created a forties themed website with a number of beautiful poses and a calendar to raise funds for veterans.

She created a pinup calendar for the men who needed it most- the veterans. Proceeds from Gina's pinup calendar raise funds for hospitalized veterans, and she does this one better. She donates calendars to the ill and injured veterans, along with donor messages. Finally she's doing something her retro pinup sisters did before her- her calendars are going to war. Calendars are sent to troops who are currently deployed and serving our nation overseas.

In addition to being the star of the calendar, Gina travels the country visiting vets in the hospitals. The troops have not forgotten her either- she's received a half dozen American flags there were flown over American military installations as a token of their admiration. Gina also regularly receives letters and email from fans of retro pinup. She even has an "In the Field" section where supporters pose with her calendar- so you can see the faces underneath the helmet.

Retro pinups inspired the soldiers and sailors in every war in the 20th century and continue to do so even today. Many wives and girlfriends are doing some pin up photography for their deployed love one. Typically the poses are very tasteful, with a bit of cheesecake, perhaps the top of a stocking showing or an off the shoulder frock. Vintage pinup has appeal for what you don't see, rather than what you do. There's a wholesome innocence that you don't see in the Hollywood actresses and models of today, and modern pinups seek to recapture that lost magic.

Pinups for Vets is a wonderful and caring program for the troops who support America.
Her site is:
Pinups For Vets

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"Pinups For Vets" by was published on March 27th, 2008 and is listed in Pinup News.

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