Modern Pin-upCitypaperonline has a story on the revival of vintage pinup. It seems a number of modern women are trading modern lingerie for the smoldering looks of pin-up, and taking pictures not unlike what their grandfathers admired during WWII. More power to them- sexy isn't always about being completely bare. Stacey Barich, force majore behind Atomic Cheesecake Studios, takes modern women and transforms them into icons from yesteryear with pin up photography. The retro pinup of today may start her day in a smart business suit, but when she steps in front of Ms Barich's lense she's wearing the styles of the 40's and 50's.

Vintage pinup owes its revival to the very thing that made it famous in the first place- women who pose for inspiration, love and passion, and the men who look at them as the idealized woman. Instead of a picture of a famous pinup girl to kept in his helmet as a soldier goes to war, a modern pinup is more likely to be from a wife or girlfriend as a special token of affection. Women of all shapes and sizes are posing for retro pinup photography, albeit with a tattoo here and there and a piercing that you would never have seen on a Gibson Girl. Modern technology has also helped the cause a bit too- with digital photos and editing real women needn't worry that their gift to their husband will be spoiled by a wrinkle or blemish. Even the original pinups were edited, and models can be comfortable that they'll look their best in the final photos.

A vintage pinup is a throwback to a less complicated and more innocent age. A time where sensuality was subtle and understated, not in your face as it is today. The longevity of the pinup girl is due in a large part to her wholesomeness- that girl next door look that young men hoped to meet and marry. In a world that goes 100 miles an hour with facebook, twitter, the kids, and work, a pinup picture is an endearing gift of affection- that will look as good today as it will thirty years from now. Vintage pinup is timeless, as are the women who make it real.

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"Pin-up Revial- Vintage Pin-up is Making a Comeback" by was published on January 27th, 2008 and is listed in Pinup News.

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