When the world was first introduced to the pin up girl, she was nothing more than a drawing- modern day pinup girls are much more. Most people recognize retro pin up girls through art and photography used mostly in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These women were beautiful, voluptuous, and the epitome of beauty. The term pin up is used because these works of art were pinned up on walls for people to see. They were fantasy, yet given reality by being placed up on the wall.

So, is there a modern day pin up girl? Is there a woman that personifies the images that we have been led to believe make the perfect pin up girl? When considering the term, “modern,” we have to slough away the requirements of the past and instead focus on what pin up really means. There are many beautiful women that are being plastered up on the walls of their admirers. Several years ago, it was Pamela Anderson that personified the modern day pin up. Closely following her was Carmen Electra. These two women are still beautiful and are still worthy of the title modern day pin up girl, but their celebrity has faded slightly in the past few years.

It seems that many of the modern day pin up girls is some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets and the majority of them are remaining mostly clothed. There are less of these young women posing in lingerie and swimwear and more are sporting form fitting clothing instead. These modern day pin up girls are not often compared to the pin up girls we are accustomed to seeing, but technically, they fit the bill.

Meanwhile, modern day pin up girls are alive and thriving through art. People are always going to respond to the beauty of the pin up girls of the 1940’s and so there is plenty of modern day pin up being portrayed through art. These artists are focusing on what made those women so beautiful and staying within the same style including their clothing (or lack thereof), hairstyles, and make-up. The style of these women will always be recognized as nothing short of perfection.

So, does the modern day pin up girl even exist? That will be for you to decide personally. Do the women of today fill the shoes of past pin ups or do they fall short? Is the only requirement that the photograph be “pinned” to the wall? Again, we leave it in your hands!

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"Modern Day Pinup Girls" by was published on November 1st, 2008 and is listed in Pinup News.

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