Retro Pin-UpSport Truck has a little old fashioned cheesecake with a photo shoot that harkens back to the glory days of pin-up- the periodical has modern day pin-ups posing as retro pin-up girls. Or is that retro pinups posing as modern ones? One of the models, Dayna DeLux has the classic smoldering pin-up look, her website, with some nice photos, is here. She progressed from makeup artist to model. The magazine did a special vintage issue, and keeping with the theme did a classic pinup shoot, including the old style haircuts common to classic pinup, as well as clothes that are based on design twice as old as the women who are wearing them.

Vintage pin up photography has shown a resurgence over the last decade or so, as the nation's fancy wains from the overtly sexual to a simmering sensuality with an all American girl next door wholesomeness. Sometimes less is more, and many young women enjoy trying on the pinup clothing from the golden age of pinup and taking a picture or two. It may not be for a retro pinup girl shoot, perhaps just a husband at home who appreciates a thoughtful and intimate anniversary present. Also the advent of modern photo editing and digital photography allows a quick retouch to remove any real life blemishes from the fantasy pinup picture.

Andi Pandi is not only a model in the magazine, she's a modern pinup artist herself! She manages to capture that innocence, as well as an air of sophistication in her pictures. Pinup model Frankie Sin grew up watching classic movies, and fell in love the the pinup look (and classic cars) many years ago. Together the girls make a trio that would have been the talk of the barracks for the soldiers of yesteryear. Modern day pin-ups, retro pinup girls- they share a classic history of beauty and inspiration.

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"Modern Day Pin-ups – Retro Pin-up Girls" by was published on February 7th, 2008 and is listed in Pinup News.

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