Anna LoginovaFemale bodyguard Anna Loginova died during a carjacking where she was apparently dragged by the vehicle. She was known as Russia's "Pin-up" bodyguard, and had done some semi-nude modeling before starting her own all female bodyguard business. Apparently this was not her first car jacking, the Daily News tells of her foiling an attempted by smashing the attacker in the nose with an elbow. What a shame.

Anna Loginova was an unlikely personal bodyguard. She started off her career as a model, for such well known brands as BMW and Channel. She eventually came to head an unusual business. Female bodyguards for the wealthy. Her bodyguards, some trained by the now defunct KGB protected businessmen and their wives, as well as the occasional mistress. Loginova believed that a female bodyguard was less intrusive than her male counterparts, and could blend in at a variety of social occasions.

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