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Pinup is a beautiful genre- but it can can an expensive one. Original artwork can be sold for thousands of dollars. Vintage pinup posters allow everyday people like you and I to own an iconic look at an era, at a price that won't break the bank. When choosing pinup art- you do have a variety of options. The majority of my collection is giclee prints. This is a specialized form of high resolution printing that produces an image that looks the original in every detail. Giclee is French for spray, and the medium is so named because of the massive ink jet printers the process uses.

art painting vintage pin up art deco tile mural backsplash adventure romance
Time Remaining: 57m
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Vintage Sexy Pin Up Girl Poster French Scandals Cover
Time Remaining: 1h 38m
Buy It Now for only: $12.49

Vintage Pin Up Pulp Art 11 x 14 Photo Print
Time Remaining: 2h 28m
Buy It Now for only: $19.95

Vintage Pin Up 11 x 14 Photo Print
Time Remaining: 2h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $19.95

Aquarian Age Vintage Blacklight Poster East Ttem West Psychedelic Pin up 1960s
Time Remaining: 4h 3m
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Vintage 1984 Marilyn Monroe Netstockings Pin Up Poster By Milton H Greene
Time Remaining: 5h 56m
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Original Art Pin up corset garter belt stockings vintage ephemera painting
Time Remaining: 6h
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Vintage Head Shop Poster Joe Namath Anne Margret Pin up 1970s Motorcycle Bike
Time Remaining: 6h 3m
Buy It Now for only: $149.95

Vintage Big Bikini Pin Up Calendar Shop Poster 1988 DuPont Color Paint Ferrari
Time Remaining: 6h 21m

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This isn't your desktop inkjet however- they use specialized inks that are good for 25 years. You can also order specialized shields (frame glass) that will prevent fading. Another nice thing about giclees is that you can print on paper or canvas. A giclee on canvas looks almost exactly like the original, which is what you're looking for with any vintage pinup replica. Many artists provide giclees of their work- and a few even sign and number them. Like all collectibles, the fewer and more unique they are, the more valuable.

Vintage pinup posters can be economically mass produced. They may not look like the original painting, but they're also durable, and considerably less expensive. You can easily find a wide selection of artists and models for under $100, which allows you to build a collection that will fill your blank walls and still leave room for luxuries like furniture. Also, if the original happens to be a photograph, a blown up pinup poster can actually provide more detail and a better visual experience than the original. Who can forget the iconic likeness of the queens of pinup, and move actresses- such as Marilyn Monroe. A Marilyn poster is readily recognized by pinup fans- including those too young to have seen her movies when she was living.

Understanding that not everyone is going to buy an original print, pinup masters such as Alberto Vargas have allowed their work to be licensed and printed. What this means is the pinup genre is for everyone- not just the wealthy art aficionados. As a uniquely American art form, it's fitting that pinup is available to all. Vintage pinup posters link to our past- and allows us to bring beauty into our lives today.

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