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Vintage pinup art works are generally considered as the masterpieces during the 1940s and the 1950s, which is regarded as the golden age of this genre which flourished in the girlie magazines of that pre-Playboy era. Being iconic of a certain period, these art works make for interesting collections and reference, especially for art students and hobbyists. Additionally, several of these art pieces showcasing the best ideals of the female form and beauty during those years are now considered public domain which may be freely reproduced since their copyrights have already expired.

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Nonetheless, many of these vintage pinup pieces remain copyrighted which need licensing rights in order to have them reproduced. Among these materials with live copyrights are the pinup works of Gil Elvgren, who exquisitely depicted girl-next-door types in distressful but humorous situations, such as their skirts billowed to reveal lovely long limbs clad in sexy nylons. Aside from these creations, Elvgren contributed to many vintage Coca-Cola advertisements, having been employed as an artist at Chicago’s most prestigious ad company at that time, Stevens and Gross. In this agency, Elvgren served as an understudy of another famous illustrator, Haddon Sundblom of the Coca-Cola Santa fame. It is from Sundblom where Elvgren derived his pinup’s lush brush strokes.

Elvgren's vintage pinup girls are characteristic for their glowing wonders. Instead of using photographs, he chose to have models and opt for those filled with personality and vitality, and all of them young girls yet uninitiated in modelling. To Elvgren, pinups ideally should have a 15-year old face with a 10-year old anatomy. In his illustrations, Elvgren avoided depicting femme fatale renditions but focused on uncovering the charms of a girl next door who found herself in embarrassing predicaments like leg-revealing up-skirts brought about by some conspiratorial elements such as wind, elevators, taps or dog leashes.

Rolf Armstrong is another vintage pinup artist of note who preferred working with models instead of photographs. Honed in painting Ziegfeld Follies girls, Armstrong’s works first appeared during the 1920s and 1930s as front covers of film and theater magazines. His brush strokes captured the glamour of many female movie celebrities of the era like Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich. With such a reputation, Armstrong was signed up by RCA in 1930 for pinups to promote the company’s products, and later by Thomas D. Murphy Company for ten paintings also for advertising purposes.

Armstrong vintage pinup pieces are mostly with the models depicted outdoors painted in the glow of a setting sun to emphasize his extraordinary choice of pastel colors. Oils, charcoal and pencil are also among the media Armstrong used to bring out the best in his models. Always preferring a live model for his works, he was also in constant search of the perfect model which Armstrong eventually found in Jewel Flowers. Through models like Jewel, Armstrong captured the vivacity of American femininity as he employed vivid colors through brilliant lighting, resulting in a classic amalgamation of medium and subject.

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